Corporate Philosophy

It is our ambition to grow a stable and successful business to provide Egypt with
traditional German pastries and coffee variations.


Customer satisfaction

Our customers find our best attention and a friendly service. It is important for us to meet our customer’s needs and expectations any time. For that reason Ralph Stocker is guiding the team himself and home-bakes it all daily fresh. We think, customer reviews are an opportunity for improvement.


Using traditional German and Bavarian recipes we also select carefully resources and ingredients to achieve an entire taste of every product and to provide healthy and valuable pastries for our customers. Food hygiene and work hygiene are considered sensitively from producing to customer’s purchase. Quality before quantity is our code of practice.


Efficient business processes, stable finances as well as constant development are the key factors for our company to be successful and it’s up to every employee, from the dish washer up to the manager, to improve our processes. A stable business means a stable future!


We don’t rest. To offer our customers a wide diversity of products, new creations and a service at the best we are constantly researching the market and always working on new ideas.


We believe in our products and our customers believe in us as a company. Our actions are rooted in fairness, openness, friendliness, honesty and reliability. Our relationships with partners, customers and employees are built on these values.


We are committed to our customers, employees, community and to the environment. Satisfied customers and motivated employees are our best resources to make our business successful and to be able to support the community. We take it for granted to be as environmentally aware as possible with everything we do!