Corporate Responsibility

We’re part of the community and committed to make a difference for the people we live with and the environment.

As a company our size we believe we can make a positive change and inspire partners, customers and other businesses to do the same. Our stores are the perfect place to bring people together, not just for a coffee. We want to give back  to the community and create a lasting impact through partnership or sponsorship of meaningfull projects.

Circ Bonboni Sponsorship 

Circ Bonboni is a multi-cultural children’s circus in Dahab. The little artists are from over 30 different nationalities living in Dahab, including Bedouins and Egyptians. The project brings children with cultural and social differences together and offers them a life-time experience.

Animal Welfare Dahab

Animal Welfare Dahab is a group of volunteers and animal lovers with the mission to create awareness, provide information and to reduce the overpopulation of Dahab’s stray cats and dogs.

Donation boxes for Animal Welfare Dahab are in every Ralph’s German Bakery. Donations will be used without exception to neuter stray cats and dogs in Dahab and to provide medical help afterwards.

Bring your own bag

Bring your own cotton bag and safe 1 LE with your purchase.

Help us to protect the environment! We’re currently using around 750 paper bags per month. Sporadic people are asking for plastic bags for bigger orders. Wether it’s paper bags or plastic bags, the best thing to carry your shopping home are re-usable cotton bags.